About ME!

You know I’ve often been asked… “What is it you actually do?” and I’ve found over the course of my working life I’ve responded in a number of different ways. I tried to cover them all in my twitter profile description as follows…

“Golfer, Divemaster, Chef, Banker, Barman, Broker, Networker, Model/Poser, Deal Closer and Gentleman.”

Truth is… there’s only one of those words that has an all encompassing description.




  1. 1.
  2. a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.
  3. synonyms:dealerbroker-dealeragentnegotiator


I’ve been known to be a prolific networker, and even referred to among a select few as the “Network Ninja.” I’ve got 10+ years’ experience in salesboth in the financial & telecom sectors. In the last few years I have carved a niche consultancy service for very close & trusted contacts with whom I share my secrets for opening doors at the highest level.

I’ve has sat in front of and pitched to a number of sizable business’ and household names. Using techniques such as NLP, Visual/Audio Cognitive Dissonance, SMYKM and plain old british charm; in the last 6 months I’ve increased profits by more than 2500% with one of my key clients. And yes I do this in his spare time, when I’m not insurance broking!!

Just remember; Doors are there to be opened – you just need the right key… or boot for that matter!


If you want to find out more check out http://barefootbroker.123look.com